We are the Joann Quintana Band


Based out of the Seattle area, on Whidbey Island, the Joann Quintana Band is original music that rocks your body and moves your soul. Not Enough Sundays features driving folk-rock, sly and slinky jazz, blues, and indie folk. Original songs inspired by one strong woman's experiences that resonate with us all–love, tragedy, treachery, trying to make one's way in the world. Join us for our CD release party on Saturday, May 11, 2019, at Comforts of Whidbey Winery, 5219 View Road, Langley, WA, 7-9 PM


Joann Quintana | Songwriter, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Frederick Bryan | Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica

Kevin Voigt | Electric Bass

David B. Malony | Drums, Producer and Recording Engineer for "Not Enough Sundays"


Joann Quintana Band

Joann Quintana Band


Not Enough Sundays

by Joann Hamick Quintana

An eclectic, singer-songwriter album of driving folk-rock, sly and slinky jazz, acoustic blues and indie folk. Joann Quintana’s thirteen original songs are borne of one determined woman’s singular experiences, but they speak of events and encounters that resonate with everyone: The absurdities of modern love and relationships, a simple love song, a catchy Afro-beat number, “Oh Ray,” that’s all about a #MeToo moment – this is music that rocks your body and moves your soul. Listen and purchase on cdbaby.